United Charging for Second Bag Check-In

Okay, I have to admit, I understand where United is coming from. 

United Airlines wants to keep their airfare prices low.  They think that charging for the second checked-in bag is going to get them the revenue they desire.  Here are the problems I see with this strategy:

  1. Customers are going to be very upset with the fact they are paying more than their ticketed price to fly.  Face it many of them show up and are in disarray as it is.
  2. Many people on a trip for a full week or more will pack two bags.  Either you do or you pay a $50 fee for being 1lb. Over the 50lb. limit. 
  3. Less business people (those with less than the 25,000 miles) will travel United because of such things as I mentioned in #2.  Thus reducing the amount of people who will book on United.
  4. Other airlines will not follow suit anytime soon and as the article points out it will make United look bad.  In so doing the other airlines will see some of these clients coming to them for their business flights.

Now some pointed out that me blogging about this would be bias.  I think I proved them wrong!  Just because I have the 25,000 miles on United already and won’t have to pay doesn’t mean I still don’t think it’s fair!

Go see this article from UPI for more information.

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