HP Chassis OA Unaccessable

When you see one of the following messages: 

  • All Virtual Connection modules may be reported as Missing or Unknown
  • All Virtual Connect modules may report the OA “Communication Status” as failed.
  • Networks with uplinks may be reported as Unknown, but internal-only networks will appear degraded
  • All server profiles using networks or fabrics with “Unknown” status may be reported as Degraded


My personal favorite – you are unable to access the OA as the primary appears offline and the standby failover is in one of the above states 

Now, if this is at a datacenter nearby most would run over and reseat the OA connection (thereby resetting the connection).  But really … why? (unless you need to get out of the office, then go, just go.)

You will probably find one of these solutions works for you
1. go to the CLI and do “reset vcm”
2.  Using the GUI “Reset Virtual Connection manager” from the tools menu

Now as I mentioned the “cheat” method is if you are right there and reseat the cable (or smarty with a paper clip pushes the reset button).

Please keep in mind physically failing a Standby OA does not set it back to the Primary OA.