Google Chromecast and Amazon, What about Glass?

Probably the most frustrating purchase I have made in a very long time.  Within a mere couple hours of debut I had purchased a Chromecast device through my Amazon Prime account.  

I still have the email that once it ships I will receive my Netflix 3 month code.

Though news reports have stated that the delivery date is not actually out until late October, and Amazon has sent an email that they hope delivery by late September.  My account still is showing out until late October.  Though they did update that it wasn’t October 31st, it is now October 30th.  Gee, thanks.

All this begs the question…what will happen with the Google Glass launch?  Well, that is provided Google actually comes to market with it in the first place.  Will Google Glass suffer the same fate?  Will it have millions of fans that place orders in hopes of getting the device only to be delayed for months?  Will it be coupled with another vendor that isn’t willing to fulfill for millions of purchasers their agreements?

Now my thoughts on this are that the delays are really due to having Netflix fulfillment and that they are hoping many of us drop our requests and go brick and mortar it thereby saving face and dropping the promo as well. <–This statement is in regards to Chromecast…

As it goes for Google Glass, let’s hope they learn from this experience and are prepared for the onslaught.  This smacks of HTC/Samsung early device days of not being prepared … but on a much larger scale.

Next time I’ll just buy directly from Google too … seems those that did are receiving their devices long before us Amazon Prime members …