When Did My System Reboot Last

This is by far one of the funniest questions I hear from time to time.  “When did my system reboot last” or it may be “How can I tell how long my system has been up for” or any other variation as such.

So here, let us discuss that right now.

First I’m going to cover Windows(r) systems only here.  You need to know how to get to the command prompt so lets start with that:
1.  Start>Run
2.  Type in the word “cmd” without the “”s
3.  Press Enter
4.  From the command line type “systeminfo” again with out the quotes.
5.  Press Enter
You should be presented with a whole lot of information.  Let’s scroll back up to the top there skippy and you will see the info that I have circled in red, this is where you will find your uptime at.

Next, let us skip how to get to a command prompt again, if you need you can look above.  Now …
From a Command prompt instead you can type the following command “net statistics workstation” again without the quotes and you will see the statistics from the moment the server started tracking:

So as you can see what I covered is not the simple Unix/Linux “uptime” command that would be to easy.

Hope this helps you for whatever reason you need to know.