Global Warming and the IPCC

So what is it going to take to wake up government agencies?

What is it going to take to wake up the voter’s ire?

Time after time for months now the whole Global Warming debate has “heated” up because it has finally been proved the IPCC manipulated data and LIED to everyone.

In the meantime constraints and policies continue to tighten down.  Taxpayers worldwide are paying for it and politicians are not listening.

Please don’t read this wrong, I am not advocating irresponsibility.  Do we need to be more mindful of our environment? Yes, fossile fuels are not a sustainable energy source.  Eventually fossile fuels will run out.  All the restrictions we have placed on companies (especially here in the US) have affected our economy.

When will we get the message to our government’s and tell them to stop enforcing based on a lie.  To disband the IPCC, and discredit those responsible for their stupidity.

Weather experts the world over who called “foul” on this years ago deserve apologies.  People who lost their career’s due to not being in support of “Global Warming” deserve settlements and apologies as in most cases they lost their livelihoods.

At what point to we call for the IPCC’s heads to pay for what has transpired the world over? Is everyone really afraid of facing down the LIE?

Global Warming … what a joke.

Search for “The Sun Also Sets” and perhaps you’ll learn a bit something new.  Search for tide cycles and perhaps you’ll gain some more insight.  I’m no expert, but there is much more evidence that points far away from CO2 emissions. 

In the end, we need to focus our efforts on using LESS fossil fuels for the CORRECT reasons where applicable.  Stop punishing progress because you are afraid of the truth.

My two cents, what are you’re thoughts?