Motorola USB Remote NDIS Network Device

Interesting question today.

“Mike, I hooked up my Motorola Q phone to the new laptop IT gave me.  They downgraded me from Vista Ultimate to XP Pro SP3 and now it’s not connecting.”

“Um, … did you install Microsoft’s Active Sync or the device driver software from the Motorola Q CD?” I asked.

“Nope, should I do that now?” he replies.

“Why yes, yes, that would be an excellent idea.”

For those of you that have found yourselves here you can find the link here:

The above link leads you to the general information (and Active Sync download) from Microsoft.  Please note that I chose this link instead of directly to Active Sync so that if there are updates by the time you read this you will be able to get the latest and greatest and not a older version. 

Current Microsoft Active Sync is 4.5 as of the posting of this … um, … post.

Another handy tip, if you are searching for a direct download try something like this in your Google search:  download active sync

That accomplishes two goals.  You are telling the engine what you want and the “site:” constraint tells it what site specifically you want it to search.

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