Well I finally found another group I’ll give a listen to what they have to say.  Heck, I even invite you to go to their site and sign up today.  […]

I run into this issue to often.I always have to reach into the back of my brain and “drain” it, the solution, out, as it were.So here, let’s talk about a […]

So you can’t get that virus off, or that spyware is annoying you, or your PC is all “messed up” (personal favorite to hear from people).  Running virus scans and […]

BUMP!Originally posted:  12/10/2008 | 0942 CST———————————————————-Yes you heard right, Dallas city council passed a new ordinance!  On April 10th smokers, you are banned from the establishments you chose to go […]

For the intent of this post I am speaking about the standalone converter only.  For those running ESX and Virtual center there is a way to convert the image using […]

We have been notified that a data breach occurred at Heartland Payment, a company that processes credit and debit card transactions nationally for restaurants and small businesses. Please keep in mind that data breaches seldom lead to fraud and rarely identity theft. For your security, please monitor your statements and account activity thoroughly.  If you suspect suspicious activity, contact your bank immediately.


Above is the note I received from my bank today.  I felt it was important to share with you, the readers, and hope in some small way it …

heh … As I said in my earlier post; I would find a way.   As it applies to WordPress “Free” blogs:Login to your WordPress DashboardGo to “Settings”Go to “Reading”Set “Syndication Feeds…” […]