WordPress to Quick Blogcast

Well, I am finding it a bit more difficult than originally planned to move from my old WordPress blog to this new blog.  This new blog is based on the Quick Blogcast application.

Though the QBC allows me to do certain functions I will need to find a way to transfer all my posts (not to worried about comments at all) as this was the intent from the beginning.  QBC has a nice import function for WP users that have the pay for blog.  You can attach to the database and import from there.  However if you’ve been blogging for free the move is much more difficult.  If you try to use a standard RSS import (another feature here at QBC) you only get the syndicated portion of the post and not the full post.  I had hoped that was the saving grace.  Yes, there are a lot of comments I’d lose but it was/is the content I want to port over to this blog that is of most importance to me atm.

Tis okay though…I guess I’ll find a way. 

UPDATE:  I did find a way and it is being published as the fix.  Here is where you’ll find … The Solution!. (http://mikedecides.com/2009/01/07/wordpress-to-quick-blogcast–the-final-solution.aspx)