Here we go again (The Clinton Family)

Well here we are again, election time.  The Clinton Family is back in the race for the Democrats and the lies spew forth to be labeled in history as “misdirection” rather than lies.  You understand lying is a serious charge.

Anyhow, before the Democrats start raising hell her and the Republicans start praising my opinion, I need to make sure you all know where I stand.  I’m consider myself an Independent.  True, the past 10 years I’ve found myself more toward the Republican side of the issues.  Heck I have even wondered at times if I’m having an identity crisis and am truly a Republican.  However time and time again I find myself considering who the best person for the “job” of the elected official I’m voting to put into a public office will be.  Mind you I’m the one who voted for Perot both times he ran! 

Okay, now that you know I’m not a Democrat “Basher” open your mind and think for a moment.  Ex-President Clinton has in the past been known to lie about how/why he voted certain ways or even about his own policies and complete 180’s on positions he has taken.  Followed by “I don’t understand your question” statements or that the reporter is mistaken, they should go look up their facts.  Come on folks, this is the same guy who, after lying to the entire American country, stated “I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.  I never had an affair with her.”  You remember that statement came after he was shown the definition.  Keep in mind this referenced article clearly states that option one was the approved version by the judge and was shown to Clinton BEFORE he answered the question.  Now some of you are going to say “Is that all you got?”  Nope, let’s go to the links below and explore shall we:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

I think the above covers the gambit for now.  You see my point.  Yes can we say that pretty much about any politician?  Of course, but none are as note worthy and easily caught up in their issues as the Clinton family.  Poor Chelsea, I don’t consider you as having this fatal flaw, please don’t take this as anything against you.  I actually hope that Chelsea Clinton some day aspires to public office and can do great things.  I mean when you can learn from so many mistakes through out your life time you are bound to be a much better person.

Wow, okay, I’m way off track.  Got into “bashing” I guess.  Sorry.

Here is the point:

Do you really want Hillary to run the country?  Will she, after taking such a hard line on terrorists (I admired her at first and thought she had potential during those years by the way), turn tail as it seems now and create a worse Terror Leader than Osama as her husband did?  See the history in the making of Osama.  Why do I seem to think the Ex-President Clinton was to blame?  He continued to fund Osama right up until the disagreement about troops in Saudi Arabia.  He then labeled Osama from “Freedom Fighter” to “terrorist” in a 180 degree turn once more.  Yes this spanned several Presidents and decades but a major decision that insulted an entire ethnic group changed history forever.

Now some of you might think these statements are far stretches and I have to admit it might appear that way to some.  However, brush up on your history and ensure you definitely look into your candidates’ voting history before you vote.  Yes, you WILL find inconsistencies.  Yes, you will find outright lies by your chosen candidate on certain issues and past life.  However, should it be the norm on every topic?  Do they have a pattern of over all support for the topics that you hold dear?  Or do they just do things that benefit them and in the long run we will all pay for?

War, economy, ethics, health, and general life issues; these are things that weigh in our balance.  If you think your vote doesn’t count and you don’t vote then don’t complain about the morals, standings, economics, etc of our country.  You have chosen not to take part.  For those of you that make your chose based on the ad hype and campaigning know that you do not know the real truth of your candidates’ positions.  When you think you have one or two you like, start digging.  Here are some resources:


Sorry for the long rant today.  It appears I even was a bit off topic from my original intent of this post today.  However, this is something of great interest to me.  Sorry if anyone takes offense.  These are my personal thoughts and research being poured out on the page here today.  Politics shape our future and too many take a “flip” approach to it.  Please, if you feel the need to flame me for my opinions stated here, move on.  If you have constructive criticism based with facts that you can point to (not just say have historical data such as articles and such as I have provided) I will gladly ponder them.  After all, life is about learning and the more we know the better informed decisions we can make.

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s rant if you have made it here.