November 2012

You always hear from people how they “hate” sweet potatoes how they have tried them every different way and didn’t like them.  Now to be sure, there are some pretty […]

Oh how I have not missed you little error message: “The application requires that assembly Windowsbase Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache first.“ The first time I […]

Every fall I recall great memories of leaves, crisp morning air, hiking, warm (and cold) spiced apple cider, baking and laughter.  It’s during this time I start with baking various […]

As I have continually said, I will not get this blog involved with politic’s.This is just a fact as outlined by this article.  Many large companys have started before the […]

Tired of the pancake mix in the box?  Want something a bit more, perhaps with your own touch?Here is a homemade buttermilk pancake mix.  No buttermilk, no worries, we’ll make […]

*in a Captian Kirk voice*…continue … to resist urge … to post … political … opinions.