To all Dads out there today! This is the Hallmark MC Hammer Card! I really liked it and thought it should be shared far and wide. Happy Father’s Day to […]

Wow!  Well okay then, it seems my last post has sparked some interest.  Next to my Motorola Q post it has seen a lot of activity.  From friends in the […]

Huh, what? NASD – National Association of Securities Dealers Recently I was asked about audit requirements of the NASD and if I’d had any experience with writing corporate governance policies […]

Well, next to anyhow.  I need the “You Are Dumb” mug.  :p

So, as you’ve no doubt read before, here is another story about the state of the Gene Pool. This one comes to us from the fine state of Wisconsin *shivers*: […]

Is there really such a “beast” allowed in the work place any longer?  Is privacy something you only get at home locked in a closet now a days?  Today I […]

Life cant be dictated by words and phrases because when we look closely they’ve created mazes in our minds that contradict each other and if we circle our paths too […]

Hey, I’m a single guy so these thoughts are okay right? Kate has recently caught my eyes! If only I was a superstar, perhaps I’d at least get a smile […]