First, did you know what turns 58 years old this year?  It is something that was first issued in 1950 so you could pay with plastic.  That’s right everyone:  The […]

How many of you like the new HOV lanes on I75 (Central Expressway)? Seriously, what the heck is up with those rubber posts?  I understand wanting to keep people in/out of […]

Well isn’t that interesting? I’ve been trying to check my hotmail account for a bit now and have just finished trying my 4th ISP connection (Verizon, Sprint, at&t, and a local […]

Well today is a rant.  My kids have the chicken pox and are home with me at the moment so I’m reading news in between getting things done today. Here […]

So tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  Somehow my place is becoming party central.Started off that I was just going to have a nice dinner with a couple friends. Steak, fresh […]