This is the 7th Anniversary of my little blog here! This adventure started off at tazspaz.wordpress.com (still exists without updates) with the actual domain name of www.conflictedmale.com to it’s fully […]

Here are some personal thoughts gathered in my travels and those that still insist there are limitations.  Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade? VMware 5.5 supports 62TB disks.  Some ask […]

This came from my personal notes several years ago and I found it while cleaning my shelf off just before Christmas.  I put it here as a draft to remember […]

So sometimes that odd question from nowhere hits you and you have to explain the difference between the concepts to someone.  What is the difference between kilobit and kilobyte? The […]

When you see one of the following messages:  All Virtual Connection modules may be reported as Missing or Unknown All Virtual Connect modules may report the OA “Communication Status” as […]

So I’m sure you all have your favorite blends you make and some of us have done the straight water and protein or “flavored” protein shakes. I’ve decided to get […]

So I have tried diligently to work with Sprint on finding a solution to my problem.  Make no mistake, this is not a singular person’s view and you can see […]

Meanwhile, from Chicago to New England, the Fox says … …Doh!