Some may ask why have faith, why continue to dream, after all that one goes through in life?  (some more than others) Continue to have faith, continue to dream, continue […]

Probably the most frustrating purchase I have made in a very long time.  Within a mere couple hours of debut I had purchased a Chromecast device through my Amazon Prime account.   I still […]

Mech Warrior Online Presents A charitable giving event That MikeDecides is behind and participating in Sarah’s Jenner Please take a moment to review and see if you’d like to participate […]

Interesting when you try to login instead of giving you an error you go back to the home page.HOWEVER, if you try to shop for a new phone they redirect […]

When you think of Angels, what is your perception? Before you take a look at the below image try and conjure up in your mind the image you have of […]

Queuing is something I have not experienced on WoW since before BC time frame.  Even on a high capacity server. Regularly now I am queuing up. Perhaps they need to […]

One issue that comes up often in testing SMTP connections is in regards to TLS.  When we need to do this it adds a layer of complexity that has some […]

I’ve had a funny WoW (World of Warcraft) request, several times when in MoP (Mists of Pandaria).  So when finishing the quest “A Steady Hand” from Wu you will be […]

This is a pretty “rich” or calorie intensive recipe.  Just a whole lot of cheese but it seems my kids agree that it’s well worth it.  Give it a try […]