Nootropics and Nootrobox

Have you ever sat back and wondered … how much more could I get done if I could just remember … focus … and have a little kick in the pants of energy … I’m sure all of us, yes even workaholics like me, have had these moments.  Then there is this little company Nootrobox Well, I […]

PCI DSS 9.4 Visitor Log

Tired of looking around for a template that fits PCI?  Visitor logs are simple yet so many hunt for the right way to format their log to comply with section 9.4 of PCI DSS. Not exactly sure why it’s so difficult but I did the search myself and found nothing close to what should be. […]

Posted by on April 9, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Hopefully, by the time of this post, you have all had a wonderful day!  Happy Easter to all!!

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